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123 Learn Curriculum

When your provider is using 123 Learn Curriculum, you can be confident in knowing they are knowledgeable on how each activity is best suited to your child's growth and development and the positive impact it will have. 123 Learn Curriculum also understands the areas of child development and incorporates the Minnesota’s Early Childhood Indicators of Progress into lesson plans. (ECIPs). Letting providers know what domains are being touched on when doing each activity listed under infant, toddler and preschool daily plans. Children learn best by repetition. Repetition is an essential key to the physical development of a child's brain. The more something is repeated the more likely children are to remember it. Repetition in a variety of forms also increases the likelihood of reaching children with different learning styles and provides a more comprehensive understanding of concepts. 123 Learn Curriculum provides this opportunity through a variety of fun and exciting themes Each carefully selected subject incorporates a letter, color, number, shape, and activity. Allowing each child individual hands-on opportunities for making learning fun, and exciting. Each day is a fun, learning adventure for your child and 123 Learn Curriculum